Bad Bunny & Tony Dize – La Corriente

Bad Bunny & Tony Dize – La Corriente Mp3 audio & Mp4 Video Free Download

A talented singer and song writer Bad Bunny & Tony Dize Recently dropped a new song titled  La Corriente you will also get the Mp4 and lyrics here

As we all know that we can meditate through music and music also gives us joy thats why Bad Bunny & Tony Dize come through with this amazing song which is called La Corriente so that you can be happy again.

About La Corriente

Artists: Bad Bunny


Song: La Corriente

Released: 2022

Genre: Pop/R&B

“La Corriente” was first released to the public on May 4, 2022, the day Bad Bunny revealed the list of songs, cover and back cover of A SUMMER WITHOUT YOU, through their social networks.

Before this song was officially announced, Benito released a brief preview, of her through her Instagram account, posting it on the morning of the 4th May in her stories. This would be the first collaboration between both Puerto Rican artists, which due to the small advance provided by the artist, we are certain that it is a reggaeton with heavy basses, but at the same time melodic.

It is worth mentioning that -at least- until May 2022, Tony Dize suffers from a ban on officially releasing music on digital platforms and being able to profit from it using his stage name, due to legal problems with his former manager and president of his former label, Raphy Pina, who claims that Tony owes him the large sum of $4 million USD.

This is why some fans have been struck how this featuring came about and what agreement the parties involved reached to make the release of “La Corriente”, question that will remain unanswered until official information is released.

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Bad Bunny & Tony Dize – La Corriente Lyrics

[Intro: Tony Dize]
The melody with the streets
Tony Dize

[Pre-Chorus: Tony Dize & Bad Bunny]
Baby, give me the signal
If you keep on looking at me like that I’ll kiss you, I’ll kiss you (I’ll kiss you)
If it’s with you then I won’t think twice (No, no)

[Chorus: Tony Dize & Bad Bunny]
Because you’re not like the rest, no
You are different (Eh, eh)
Living the crazy life
Always against the current
You do whatever you want, want, ah-ah-ah
You always reject unless it’s the perreo calling you (Hehe), calling you, ah-ah-ah (Ayy, ayy)

[Verse 1: Bad Bunny]
I want you to teach me, be my teacher, hehe
A bitch, a pitcher, ayy
Lowkey, she’s on a switcher, he
Crazy so I fu—
Ayy, ayy, the baby’s going on her thirties and she looks violent, she looks violent
She’s been staring for a while, I noticed, I already noticed, ah-ah
She knows more than you, so don’t be a fool, boy, don’t lie to her, he
Do not play out a movie, ’cause she’s the movie and not the type that can be rented
She uploads a picture of her ass and everyone comments
A bad bitch, a 90’s girl
That bittersweet face is what tempts me
A picky, a mint when it comes to sucking and destroying you
I come down to your area and watch
If your friends wants to, go, invite her
Go, invite her, ’cause it’s going down

[Chorus: Bad Bunny]
But I don’t want anybody else
You are different
If you were a wave, then I shall be carried away by the current
You do whatever you want, want, ah-ah-ah
You always reject unless it’s the perreo calling you, calling you, ah-ah-ah (Ayy)

[Verse 2: Tony Dize & Bad BunnyBoth]
You’re the type to go out late at night
But not letting yourself be seen (No, no)
She’s left him and won’t go back to him (Nah, nah)
She’s doing better being single
She goes out without a curfew, doesn’t get told a thing
She does what she wants (She does what she wants)
The street is lit on fire (Ayy, ayy)
And instead of hooking up, she prefers to lie down on her own, eh, eh
She looks Colombian, they call her “La Parce”
She doesn’t need a man to get money
She keeps on dancing, oh, oh
Got all of the club staring, eh, eh

[Chorus: Tony Dize & Bad Bunny]
Because you’re not like the rest, no
You are different (Ayy, ayy)
Living the crazy life (Living the crazy life)
Always against the current (Ayy, ayy)
You do whatever you want, want, ah-ah-ah
You always reject unless it’s the perreo calling you, calling you, ah-ah-ah (Ayy, ayy)

[Outro: Bad Bunny]
Yeah-yeah, ayy, hehe
Bad Bunny, baby
Be-be-be-bé, haha
Ayy, ayy, Tony Dize
Tony Dize, hehe
The melody with the streets
The melody with the streets
Bad Bunny, baby, be-be-brrum
Ayy, ayy

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