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Dig and mine for glory!Become a gold miner and dig down underground as deep as possible in our awesome casual arcade platformer game. Pick your own lep like tiny hero and join the gold and diamond rush! Dig deep and help restore the bastion! Step into the dungeon of a pixel maze to start your own tiny dwarf hunt for treasure chests! Imagine you have a limited amount of lives, the drill or pickaxe is broken and the leprechaun is about to attack… What would you do in this labyrinth to win the treasure hunt? Start your fun run through underground maze and see if you manage to get out.

Dig the mine as deep as possible and collect as many gems as possible. You have a limited number of moves until your digger crashes. Can you beat your friend’s high score? Let’s see!

Wait! Dig hard for your pixel mining machines. Also beware of terrible underground MONSTERS! Use your traps and weapons to eliminate them, or else they will kick your pick. Dash through endless underground mines and rocks and become the best treasure hunter!

Treasure Season! Take part in time-limited events, dig and collect silver to obtain rewards as you advance through the season. Remember that the Golden Ticket gives access to fantastic treasures!

Another Definition:

Dig up puzzle in which the player in the role of the miner will go to the dungeon to find the treasure. Wielding a pickaxe, he will lead the way. During the course of the protagonist everywhere will wait for dangerous traps and numerous enemies.

Go deep underground as if you were a gold miner in this game, select a hero, and discover the wealth in the arena’s jungle or beneath the world. Join the pocket-dwarves in their hunt for underground treasure chests in this addictive arcade game! Immerse yourself in the dungeons of this 2D pixel maze and try to find riches. They’re based upon quick reflexes, supreme agility, and a sharp mind.

As long as you are a highly skilled dead paladin, make sure to stay out of the burrowing snow wolves and burrowing snow dwarves of your deceased former friends and mine all tiny dwarf treasures! Look for any boulders below, bomb the dwarf lair, craft, and assemble all the gold in the fortress!

Watch out for falling rocks and dwarf bombers in the labyrinth, craft items, attack with strategy and uncover all the secrets of little gnomes! Well, collecting gold or diamonds has never been easy, but any treasure is worth it, right? Start now in our casual dwarf game and become the best diamond digger ever. Have a whole mine in your pocket and play anywhere on your phone or tablet!

Gold rush awaits!Even of you are a top maze runner and not a casual shovel knight, beware of the underground leprechauns ready to get on your mining path and bomber the maze, so make smart use of your pickaxe in a tiny dwarf treasure fortress!

Look out for the falling boulders and bomber dwarfs in the labyrinth, craft items, attack with a strategy and discover all secrets of tiny gnomes! Well, gold or diamond collecting has never been easy, but any treasure is worth it, isn’t it? Start now in our casual dwarf game and become the best diamond digger ever seen.

Game Details:

App NameDig Out
Last UpdateMarch 09 2022


Dig Out is an adventure game but it needs the player’s very meticulous calculation to be able to win. Specifically, you will control a miner with super digging ability. He will start digging into the ground to find precious gems.

However, this miner will only have a limited number of mines. This will seem to prevent you from digging underground, but now you will need to calculate to get more digging in the ground with the pickaxe icon.

Difficulties will come when your character has to deal with monsters underground. They can knock you down after a single attack. You will have two options when you see monsters: avoiding them by digging through another path or fighting against them with traps.

If you choose to destroy them with traps, you will have to calculate them very carefully. Otherwise, you will die. In addition, Dig Out will also be more dangerous because of traps, weapons, or some other types of mines that players need to watch out.


Dig Out has a modern design with sharp images. It is like a fairy world with ancient buildings and strange magic. But the game also has many more modern weapons such as guns, bombs, etc. Also, the characters are lovingly shaped with hundreds of appearance types to make your experience more interesting. In addition, Dig Out also uses vibrant medieval-style background music, making more excited.


In Dig Out, players will gradually be involved in many different chapters of the story. You have to solve puzzles and complete construction or repair some constructions. Furthermore, the game also has dozens of daily tasks such as killing monsters, opening chests, etc.

You will also receive accumulated points or bonuses when completing tasks or reaching certain milestones. Besides, Dig Out also offers a variety of challenges for players with King’s Road mode, in which there are nearly 70 bosses arranged in increasing levels.

Various upgrade :

Dig Out has many interesting parts for players to upgrade to increase efficiency. By collecting a variety of materials, the player can use them to upgrade. Some upgrades that players should be interested in include: Smithy, Lift, Alchemy, Throne Hall, Arsenal. They are all elements that enhance your character’s digging ability.

Unique character:

At this point, the game will feature many special characters ranked in ascending order from common, rare, epic, legendary to special. To unlock them, you need to collect enough cards of the character during the game. The rarer the character is, the more difficult it will be to earn cards. Besides, characters will bring a lot of fun during your game with special abilities, which will be great for your strategies at different levels.

Dig Out is a great adventure game that brings you to an underground world full of treasures and dangers. In the game, you will play the role of a hero who joins the gold and diamond fever.

You will try to overcome the mazes and dangers to earn valuable rewards. Let’s start an exciting journey with many unexpected elements waiting for you in Dig Out right now.

ZiMAD is the creator of some exciting cards and puzzle . Dig Out is their great product. However, it brings an element of adventure and discovery to your mobile phone. This game has received a lot of attention from many players because of its diverse advanced features and unique gameplay.

Moreover, Dig Out really attracts players with unexpected challenges and stimulates players’ curiosity. Try to join the game and see if you are the best miner.


•Randomly generated endless map

•New monster traps you’ve never seen

•Compete with your friends for the title of BEST DIAMETER

•Exclusive gem diggers to surf even deeper

•Discover lost and hidden chests and gems

•Choose your personal pixel mining hero

•Added achievements and leaderboards on Google Play

•The game currently supports 10 languages

•Tricky obstacles are everywhere in the labyrinth. Whether it’s a boulder dash or a maze block or even tap blocks

•Exclusive treasure digger tools to dash even deeper in the gold mine

•Choose your personal pixel miner character

•Discover lost or hidden treasure chests and gems

•Exclusive treasure search tools to dive even deeper into the gold mine

•Choose your personal pixel miner character

•Discover lost or hidden treasure chests and gems

•Compete against your friends for the title of BEST DIGGER!

•Google Play achievements and rankings

dig the mine and tomb! Mine the more and collect as many gems as you can! It’s a lawless world, but you are always welcome. Try this retro arcade casual game, which needs no introduction, and you’ll stick to this free gold rush mining game forever!Finding treasure is fascinating, when you dig out! It’s drilling time!

How To And Play on your Android phone:

•Now download the file from any game website you know.

•Uninstall other versions of the app in your phone.

•Go to phone Settings >> Security>> Unknown Sources >> Turn it ON. You can as well turn off your play protect from play store app settings.

•Make sure you have enough space on your phone.

•Locate where the downloaded file is stored on your phone.

•Click on it to install, wait till it finishes installing.

•Now your Drive Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Mod APK for android has been successfully Installed.

•Open and start playing the app.

Dig Out is a special Adventure Game which is good on Android.

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