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Hello fans, We are here to discuss about the new game which is The Battle cats, The Battle Cats is a real-time strategy game where you have to protect your base from the attacks of invading troops – and use your cat army to do it. You can choose from mermaid cats, strong cats, fat cats, carnival cats … any type of cat you can imagine!The game mechanics in The Battle Cats are pretty simple.

Earth is experiencing economic crises, with terrorist are cats that have attacked the Earth and set up a ruling regime. They occupy all nuclear power plants and transfer energy to provide time machines. This is not easy when it was prevented and attacked by many other animals.

You have your base located to the right of a small 2D setting, while your enemy is to the left. Every second, both sides will receive money they can use for two things: to improve the base or to buy troops. Your aim is to try to destroy the enemy base with the army that you create (out of cats of all sorts).

This high rating represents how enjoyable the game actually is. So far, up to a million of users have already downloaded the game to their smartphone. It proves that the game is not only enjoyable, but also addicting. Despite being listed as game, the gameplay is similar to game with slash genre. However, instead of using fierce or sexy characters, the gameplay involves cute and adorable feline characters. Here is the brief review about this unique game.

Another Definition:

The Battle Cats is the world of animals when cats have taken over the planet. As cute cats, take control of them to help them defeat other animals such as dogs, snakes, and weird humans advance to dominate the world in this simple game. Since this is a battle between two armies of cats, you have to attack your opponent’s cats and their bizarre army whose opponents come from all over the world, anywhere, every country in the world.

Between levels, you can unlock tons of new cats thanks to the experience you’ve gained. New cats are absolutely necessary since the first cats only have basic skills. Some of the special cats, though, can do devastating attacks on your enemies.

At the same time must defend fiercely; otherwise, you will be defeated by them, and the result will be a loss. If you win, you will earn a lot of experience; you can use them to upgrade your animals, increase energy and skills such as an attack, and strengthen the defense.

The Battle Cats is a strategy game with very simple game mechanics and simple-but-cute graphics. In addition, the game offers loads of one-player levels as well as scoreboards and a good handful of achievements.

Game Details:

App NameThe Battle Cats
Last Updated2022-03-10
Apk Size37MB
Content RatingEveryone
Support Android VersionAndroid 4.0+


The gameplay of The Battle Cats for Android is relatively simple. The player has several basic feline types. Each feline character has its respective ability. Some of them might be able to take great number of damage.

Meanwhile, the rests are able to inflict enormous damage to the enemy cats. The game takes advantage of cat food as the main currency. The currency is obtainable from victorious battle rewards. It can be used to purchase in-game item or unlock better feline characters. Each feline character on user’s disposal can be upgraded with food cat as well. Higher tier of feline is able to do better performance.

Yes. The control mechanism in The Battle Cats is extremely simple. Often in most types of strategy require you to calculate strategy and plan carefully. This game is different, a cute cartoon style game that makes everything so simple and lovely than ever.

The Battle Cats is Tower Defense Game, where you’ll have to defend your base by the cat army with so many eccentric shapes you have never seen before. Different cats have different powers, so you need to make the right choices. Your enemies are so formidable opponents that you must laugh. They can be dogs, snakes, hippos, etc.

When the animals appear to move towards your base, over time you will accumulate a certain amount of money, just click on the icon of the cat you want to choose. Upon appearance your cat will automatically engage in combat with any enemy they encounter on the way until they are defeated or killed. So the only thing you need to do to win that is to look at the animals that attacked your base has what strength. Then you can choose the right cat that has the power to counter the other animals.

When your opponent is overcrowded and your money is not enough to pick the cat, then your special weapon is a very appropriate choice. Special weapons allow you to deal a huge amount of damage to kill a large number of enemies on the map. Treasure is also very important that you need to collect as much as possible, it helps you create very strong items and increase the solidity for your base.


In terms of graphics, The Battle Cats has a simplicity in it and nothing outstanding but it makes me really excited. The colors in the game are very bright, the animals are designed by some basic strokes but they look quite funny and strange.

I think The Battle Cats is a good entertainment game not only about the game but also the graphics. The game is also a great choice for you to play with kids to help them have a great view about the animal world. Currently, the game requires Android 4.0.3 and above and iOS 9.0 or higher, allowing you to absolutely free.

Despite being addicting and enjoyable, the game has great drawback as well. The issues of the game are mostly related to the gameplay. As mentioned before, the currency of the game is using cat food. Obtaining substantial amount of cat food to unlock better feline character requires a lot of grinding in the battle. The energy indicator on the battle seems unnecessary as well. On the multiplayer mode, a player needs to be paired with other player. Moreover, the pairing process sometimes takes long time.


One thing that stands out from other games is the number of characters. In The Battle Cats, there are more than 300 cats with funny looks for you to choose from when fighting. In each stage, you can only carry 10 different types of cats. You can make your cats stronger by leveling them up. When you reach level 10, the highest level at this time your cat possesses tremendous power, much larger than the first level.

However, the game lacks interaction among players. I think the game should have more PvP mode that allows players to challenge other players in 1v1 matches, which would be very interesting.

How to Play:

There are many tips for playing a game, but in this adorable cartoon fighting game, I think things are simple, though you also need a little strategy and then let them do their best to fight on their own me. To play well The Battle Cats, pay attention and focus on the game’s critical things like cats, jewels, and skills.

In order to win the game, there are two important keys. The first key is to understand the role of each feline character. Each of them has its respective ability. The ability of a feline character might work better with specific ability of other feline character. Exploring the best combo will be a great turn of event.

First is the species of feathers that dominate this world; let’s see which ones are the most important to focus on upgrading and developing them. Treasures are also significant, but to receive them, you do not need a strategy at all, play hard until you receive them; it will be easy. But once you have the treasure, consider other factors like cats and weapons and see if the opportunity is ripe to use.

The second tip of winning is to deploy a feline character at the best moment. When the opponents are lowering their guard, it is time for attacking. In other hand, if the enemy is aggressively attacking, it is better to be defensive. That being said, there is also a moment when the best defensive move is being offensive.

A good element is also an essential skill, every skill in the game is necessary, but each gift is suitable for each time because sometimes we have to wonder which skill should level up first. Seems a bit confusing and curious, right? Download the game quickly and fill your curiosity now.

Players Review:

Want to know if a game is good or not? Please read the comments for that game; they reflect the best of all the game’s good and evil. And The Battle Cats is no exception, except for the small number of people who do not like some of the game’s costumes; most of the praise goes to the simplicity, lovely, innocent of this cute cartoon game.

This is a game for children over 13 years old, so there is nothing too much to do with the somewhat sexy outfits and violent, ferocious scenes of cats with cute faces.

Players over the age of 13 have rated the game very well and have been saying for years. However, parents also need to consider, select and supervise their children about games that can be offensive and psychologically disturbing.

How To Download The Battle Cats:

•Now download the file from any game website you know.

•Uninstall other versions of the app in your phone.

•Go to phone Settings >> Security>> Unknown Sources >> Turn it ON. You can as well turn off your play protect from play store app settings.

•Make sure you have enough space on your phone.

•Locate where the downloaded file is stored on your phone.

•Click on it to install, wait till it finishes installing.

•Now your Drive Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Mod APK for android has been successfully Installed.

•Open and start playing the app.

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