Prince Of Persia Rival Swords[783MB] Latest Version

Prince of Persia: Rival Swords is a portal third-person action adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Pipeworks and published by Ubisoft for the PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii. Like Prince of Persia: Revelations, Rival Swords is a direct port of Prince of Persia.

The Two Thrones, released for Sixth Generation Consoles and the PC in 2005. When released on the Nintendo Wii, its control scheme was modified to suit the needs of the Wii Remote. The game was released April 3d and 5th, 2007. It was rated T for Blood and Violence by the ESRB unlike its original which was rated M.

The Gameplay Of Prince Of Persia Rival Swords:

In Prince of Persia Rival Swords, the Prince makes his way home to Babylon, bearing with him Kaileena, the enigmatic Empress of Time, and unspeakable scars from the Island of Time. But instead of the peace he longs for, he finds his kingdom ravaged by war and Kaileena the target of a brutal plot. When she is kidnapped, the Prince tracks her to the palace – only to see her murdered by a powerful enemy. Her death unleashes the Sands of Time, which strike the Prince and threaten to destroy everything he holds dear. Cast out on the streets, hunted as a fugitive, the Prince soon discovers that the Sands have tainted him, too. They have given rise to a deadly Dark Prince, whose spirit gradually possesses him.”

Some of The Major Characters In Prince Of Persia Rival Swords:

Prince: The protagonist of The Sands of Time Trilogy, the Prince returns to his home in Babylon to find his kingdom under siege by the scythians, led by the Vizier. When Kaileena is killed, he is infected by the stands of time and his darker persona is given sentience in the form of the Dark Prince.

•Dark Prince: The Dark Prince is agglomeration of the Prince’s darker qualities and guides the Prince through the transition of his powers when he takes over his body. Though he appears to be an ally of the Prince, in truth, the Dark Prince works toward his own goals for power and control over his dominant persona.

Kaileena: The Empress of Time narrates the harrowing tale of the Prince after she is killed and the Sands of Time are recreated by the Vizier.

Farah: A prisoner of the Vizier, Farah inadvertently reunites with the Prince and works to free Babylon’s citizens from the reign of the Vizier, now a self-proclaimed god known as Zurvan.

Vizier: Resurrected by the actions of the Prince (who prevented the creation of the Sands of Time by rescuing Kaileena), the Vizier continues his quest for immortality and earns it when he kills Kaileena and recreates the Sands of Time.

•Zurvan: The alter ego of the Vizier, Zurvan reigns over the Prince’s kingdom with the powers of the Sands of Time and the Scythian army, transformed into sand creatures.

Install And Play The Game:

•The first step you please download game file that gives zip format.

•The second step to the right there is extract the file until you get the iso file using zarchiver for Android app.

•After that you open the PPSSPP Emulator you have And click the game tab on the emulator then look for the existing game extract before.

•Once found just click the game Later automatically the game will run by itself.


Game Details:

Name: Prince of Persia: Rival Swords

Size: 953MB

Genre: Action


Developer: Ubisoft

File Format: ISO – Zip

PSP Platform – PPSSPP

•Processor: Any Dual-Core CPU, or a Single-Core CPU of at least 2.0GHz.

•Memory: 2GB RAM (more is better)

•Hard Drive: 5GB minimum free disk space (for application and ROM storage) …

•Video: 256MB Stand Alone Graphics Card (note that some built-in GPUs may work too)

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