Westside Boogie – LOLSMH II

Westside Boogie – LOLSMH II Mp3 audio & Mp4 Music Video Free Download

A talented singer and song writer Westside Boogie Recently dropped a new song titled LOLSMH II  you will also get the Mp4 and lyrics here

As we all know that we can meditate through music and music also gives us joy thats why Westside Boogie come through with this amazing song which is called LOLSMH II  so that you can be happy again.

A sequel to Lolsmh off of his previous album, Everythings For Sale.

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Westside Boogie – LOLSMH II Lyrics Below

Bro, shit
Shit crazy

Promise I’ll be alright
I’ve been placing my value off relevance in your life
Promise I’ll be okay, tell me that I’ll be straight
Honestly, this been feeling like some shit that I can’t shake

[Verse 1]
I need power to be present
Teach me how to stop deflecting every time you show affection
See, my ego breaks in pieces every time I stand corrected
Hate I gotta bump my head to fully understand the lesson
Part of my progression is knowing I should forgive you
Got this blanket full of lies to cover up how much I miss you
Running from my issues, don’t give me your praises
Just want you to know that even heroes still need saving
So tell me who gone save me, that’s why I’m always saying

Promise I’ll be alright
‘Cause I’ve been placing value off relevance in your life
Tell me I’ll be okay, tell me that I’ll be straight
Honestly, this been feeling like some shit that I can’t shake
SMH, fuck

I don’t know why you shaking your head
If anything, I should be the one shaking my head because
It ain’t no way you still a bitch ass nigga and you be in therapy
Turn it up a little in my headphones
Yeahh, turn it down a little bit
Yeah yeah
Pray for my niggas

[Verse 2]
Look at my dog, his rhythm off cause he hesitating
Calm as can be, just know it’s all in the preparation
My text messages full of bitches that’s SMHing
Remember days I was making hate up for motivation
Got reservations, he treat his fame like a prison, I know
That nigga capping, he want his name to be bigger, I know
Now he a pack and he just a strain in some shit that I smoke
Rappers and bitches I know, do I fuck with them? I don’t
You know the quote, it go “do-the-most, extra’d out niggas make me anxious
Smoke an ounce before I head it out, niggas make me-“
Hold on, let me put this blunt out real quick, let me get right
Keisha, roll another blunt – yo yo, check check
My power come from the highest, you gone be biased and bias need realignment
I’m tired, these niggas lying like I ain’t the one that’s told them
I been up, I been back, I been down, I been flat
I been jacked, no that’s cap, never that, bet it back
You better-mm! Nigga act like we don’t see him
Nigga think he gone get pussy cuz he bragging bout his demons
Look at bro tryna distract us from the fact that he just tweaking
I can’t let you get no pass, I’m on your ass, I gotta bleed him
Gotta, check check, dog, why you hesitating?
Calm as can be, just know it’s all in the preparation
Calm as – man fuck, fuck this shit

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