How To Download And Play Scary Robber Home Game

Hello once again,we are here to discuss the new game adventure called scary robber home, Scary robber home is a game with nice and best graphics.scary robber is one curious boy with a passion for seeking adventures.

His Parents sent him away for camping but he didn’t like one night he decided to leave the camp and he headed home that night all alone.

So he reached home and find out that there was robbers living in there home.The robbers have been watching the house for a while and the mistakenly for them,they didn’t know that the boy Ave come back.the brain said to his self you are finished.

Steps on How To Install Scary Robber Home On Android:

•Search for the game on google play store and press download.

•Uninstall other versions of the app in your phone.

• You will need to turn off your play protect from play store app settings.

•you must have enough memory space on your phone.

•Locate where the downloaded file is stored on your phone.

•Click on it to install, wait till it finishes installing.

•Now your Drive Scary Robber Home Clash Mod APK for android has been successfully Installed.

•Open and start playing the app.

How To Control the Character In The Game:

In Scary Robber Home Clash, players will control the character from a first-person perspective, and you will feel like you will hide from them and find a way to prank these bad guys. At the same time, you will be completely able to adjust your movements precisely depending on different situations. You also easily recognize which objects in your surroundings can be interacted with and help you take actions more quickly.

Your opponents in this game are famous bandits in the area, so you must be careful not to let them catch you. They can see you, and you will immediately try to get out of their sight. There will be a thing in your yard that allows you to jump high and reach the windows of higher floors. On the left side of the screen, it is a warning camera that tells you the actions of the thieves, so you know and acts correctly.

You will be able to get acquainted with some of the furniture in the house and gradually know where they will move to avoid them. You also know what requirements you need to do, and it will tell you the exact actions to move and find how to do it. For example, you will approach a room containing two movies with two different genres in the first level and try to swap their content. The result is that the bandits will be scared, and you will see funny cutscenes.

What’s New;

Level 1:

Level name: Have a Great FallLester & Felix want to make the Gangster Girls fall for them. It’s time to hit them over the head with some heavy truth

Level 2:

Level name: Current Affairs, want to give their Christmas treasure box to the Girls. Play around with the right box & light ’em up!

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