How To Apply for Nigeria International passport And steps

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The phenomenon on the importance of having an international. passport cannot be overemphasized because; it’s relevant that every citizen of any country should have this document in talk. However, before I proceed further, I would want to clarify you on . the international passport, other words known as (e-passport) literary means.

The international passport or e-passport is a legal or an official document that confirms anyone as a citizen of a particular country (Nigeria). Like I stated earlier, it is relevant that every citizen should have this document, because it serves as revenue . self-identification and enables one to travel outside the country, probably from Nigeria to another country. Haven said that, it may interest you to get an international passport.

The Nigerian immigration service is fully responsible and in charge for the registration and processing of this document.

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Application Price for Nigerian Passport

It is really essential for one to know this information as regards to the cost of. purchasing or having this Document and having being opportune to get this information directly from a right source when I went to get My International passport, here is the current update regarding to the cost of price . well as the requirements.

Nigerian International Passport Application (e-passport) Requirements

  1. Local Government of Origin (letter of identification)
  2. Driver’s license,
  3. The applicant passport form,
  4. Your two recent passport sized photographs in a white background,
  5. Birth certificate (i.e. Age declaration)
  6. payment slip,
  7. A guarantor with an oath sworn at the federal high Court or Magistrate
  8. Parents approval and a concepts letter for any person below 16 years,
  9. Marriage certificate (if married)
  10. For lost passport, you need a Police

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