How To Fix Home Button Not Working on Android

While most smartphones come with sturdy buttons that do not get broken easily, some circumstances cause issues with the buttons and this can make a button dysfunctional. Especially if it is the Home button, you will find that you cannot access some of the useful options on your phone. In this case, your best bet is to investigate if the button is really dead. Then, follow the tips for your particular case to potentially fix the broken Home button on your phone. The following guide teaches how you can do that on your Android device.

Check if the Button is Really Dead

It might be that your button is working and it is just in some particular apps that it does not function in. To verify if your Home button is indeed not working, turn off your device and then turn it back on.

Then, press the Home button and see if it does what it is supposed to do. If it does, you need to get rid of the app that breaks this button. If the button does not work, use one of the following methods to potentially fix it.

If the Problem was Caused by Hardware Issues

Your Home button does not work for two main reasons: either you have a hardware issue or you have a software issue. If your button has stopped working because of a hardware issue, the following three methods will help sort out the issue

1. Clean the Home Button

While there are many physical reasons why your Android Home button does not work, one of the common reasons is that your button has collected too much dust over time. This is usually the case when you do not clean your phone regularly. The dust gets inside your Home and other buttons, and this causes your buttons not to function.

There is no direct way to check if the dust is causing the issue. However, if you see dust or other particles near the button, that is probably the cause of the issue. Get a clean cloth and try to get rid of the dusty and other particles from around the Home button.Then, press the button and see if it works.

2. Get the Home Button Repaired

If there has been physical damage to your phone’s Home button, it can cause some connection issues and cause the button not to work. In this case, there really is not much you can do as the button is broken from inside. If you are an expert at phone hardware and you know what you are doing, then perhaps you can try repairing the button yourself.

The best way to fix it when the Home button is not working is to bring your phone to a repair shop. The repair shop should know what is causing the issue, and they should have the tools to open your phone and replace the button with a new one.

Note: if you replace the Home button, make sure the new button is an official one.

3. Use an On-Screen Button App

Whether your phone’s Home button is beyond repair, or you do not want to wait until it gets repaired, you can actually use an app that provides you with a virtual Home button. There are actually many such apps on the Google Play Store and you can use them to get a soft Home button that performs all the tasks of a real button.

One of these apps is the Button Savior. It does not require root access and you can use this app to add various phone controls as virtual options on your phone’s screen. This way, you can get the job of the Home button done without actually having the button on your device.

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