How To Fix Low Value Content In Adsense

Low Value Content In Adsense

Low-value content error is one of the most common errors in Google Adsense and it occurs when your site contains content that has little or no value to the reader (Low-Value Content). This kind of content can cause your ad placements to be less effective, which leads to lower revenue for you.

The Low-Value Content Error message will be delivered by Google if they detect low-value content, such as sites with large blocks of text that include many pages without significant images or other media (text only).

After you have published more than the minimum number of posts required to get Google AdSense approval for a website or blog, you think you solve everything including any policy violation on your site (e.g. No Content issue) and you are just waiting and hoping for a positive reply from Google AdSense.

How To Solve The Issues Of Low Content

1•Take the time to read and understand their content policies

This is basic but very important. If you want to succeed with AdSense, you need to familiarize yourself with its policies and content. Otherwise, you will continue to apply and continue to be rejected if your content violates any of their policies.

You can find Google Publisher Policies here.The rejection message usually contains links to Google resources that should help you understand the quality of content needed in the best user experience for your site’s visitors.

2•Modify your content to meet their minimum requirements

Once you are familiar with their content policies, the next step is to modify your content. Do not redesign your site for consideration without making the necessary changes.From my experience, you do not need to publish new content before you can re-post. When I first received the rejection, I thought that adding more articles to my blog would solve the low-cost content problem. It didn’t work, and I got another frustrating rejection.

Another method

3•Publish original content

Your site must have original content. When using a blog, your articles should be your thoughts and ideas. If possible, try to have original images. If you are blogging on a popular topic and have many articles already published, make sure your content offers something different. Something your readers won’t find on other sites. It can be as simple as a new perspective on a popular topic.

4• Avoid twisted content

by all meansTo spin means to find content that has already been published and rewrite it with a few changes. A common mistake of new publishers is trying to create more articles by scanning pre-published content.They do this by placing their names while adding important touches that add value.

This will result in your site being permanently rejected. As I said earlier, content fraud is high, but not massive.Before re-submitting your site, review all of your content individually to find articles that serve content and remove it. Creating original content is the only way to be successful with AdSense.

5•Remove or minimize broken links

Make sure all internal and external links are working properly. Broken links create a negative user experience for your visitors and expose your site as inactive. Remember that Google is a reputable company. They try their best to associate with sites that demonstrate the technology.Many free WordPress plugins can help you find and manage broken links. A broken link scanner for example is free and easy to use even for beginners.

6•Trim pages with minimal missing content

Delete pages with less content. This includes door pages. Adsense will be looking at pages with high-quality content where it can display relevant ads. Having too many pages with too little content is likely to result in your application being rejected.

Another Steps On How To Fix Low Value Content:

•Verify that your articles are unique and user-friendly.

•Verify that you have not used any copywrite content, like Image, Screenshot, or Video.

•Check your grammar on articles, using grammerly.

•Use Responsive Theme, and designed it properly.

•Don’t use downloading, streaming-like content.


Unfortunately, you may end up being one of the many publishers whose applications get rejected. Receiving a rejection from Google AdSense can be very frustrating. They will usually not point out exactly what the problem is with your site. Instead, you may receive something like

But If you followed these steps then you will be overcome by low value content also, if you have some organic traffic on your blog it will be more beneficial and you might get your AdSense approval early.

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