How To Get My BVN Code Number Online ( In All Banks In Nigeria ) in a new tab)

If your on this page right now, it simply means that you are searching for how to check BVN code number online ( to all banks ). Be it code to check bvn number on first bank, eco bank, access bank, zenith bank, fcmb, fidelity, union bank & more. We are going to disclose all of them here and now, so carefully read and select the bvn number of the bank you oped account with.

NOTE; please do not disclose your bank account bvn number to any stranger online requesting for it. This could result to having access to your bank information, and might lead to stealing your money”

Before I proceed to showing you how to check bvn code number online via mobile phone, I will first of all share little information about bank bvn number

What Is BVN Number?

A lot of people are still confused about this bvn of a thing, more especially those that started banking newly. Probably you are among, and might be wondering, what is this bvn all about? Well, the full meaning of BVN is Bank Verification Number and it is a biometric identification system established by the Central Bank of Nigeria in alliance with Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS) to reduce illegal banking transactions.

How long Is BVN Number Code?

Maybe you would like to know how many digits are in a BVN? The questions are all the same and of course, provides the same answer also. The BVN code is an 11 digit number that acts as your universal ID in all banks in Nigeria. It is as important as owning a phone number for filling NIMC form, and other necessary forms inside and across the Nation.

  • How To Check BVN Number / How do I get my BVN number

The good news about this bvn number of a thing is that, you can only do it ones and all banks use the same code to check bvn number.

So, irrespective of the bank you opened account with.And it is very easy to check your bank bvn number using ussd code, how to do it? Simply pick up your mobile phone” ( be it andriod or small phone) and dial *565*0# to check your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Just the way you check your airtime balance with code, you don’t need the internet to check your BVN number. But have it in mind that for you to be able to check your bvn number and get the result. It must be the SIM card you used in opening the account. I repeat, to get a good result using *565*0# to check your bvn number” it must be the sim card you opened account with.

How To Check BVN Code Number Online ( To All Banks )

If you are reading this article paragraph by paragraph, you will understand what I started earlier. That bank bvn number checking code is just the same, which is *565*0#, Irrespective of the bank.

•How to check BVN code number on MTN: Dial *565*0#

•How to check BVN code number on Airtel: Dial *565*0#

•How to check BVN code number on 9mobile (Etisalat): Dial *565*0#

•How to check BVN code number on Glo: Dial *565*0#.

•How to check BVN code for Diamond or Access bank: Dial *565*0#

•How to check BVN code for First Bank: Dial *565*0#.

•How to check BVN code for FCMB: Dial *565*0#

•Howto check BVN code for Stanbic IBTC: Dial *565*0#

•How to check BVN code for Eco Bank: Dial *565*0#

•How to check BVN code for Union Bank: Dial *565*0#

•How to check BVN code for UBA: Dial *565*0#

•How to check BVN code for Zenith Bank: Dial *565*0#

•How to check BVN code for Access Bank: Dial *565*0# and so on and so forth.

How To Check BVN Number Online

This online means of checking BVN number is cool, you can easily check it through internet banking. To know your BVN number online, log into your Internet banking app. And you will see the code displayed to your front page. It is very easy, just like the USSD codes to check BVN number

How Much To Check BVN Number?

Well, this is for those that will make use of the Ussd code to check their bvn number. It’s not for free, they are N20 for it. And you will have to write it down imidiatly, because after some minutes it will disappear. It doesn’t come as text message, that will be in your inbox.

As for the internet banking means to check BVN? It is absolutely for free, you won’t spend a dime except the data to connect to the internet. That’s all, I hope you find it helpful?

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