How to Make Pancake

Pancake is simply delicious;with a sweet, savoury and slightly spicy taste you can’t resist.

Pancake is quite different from the regular pancake.It is actually the french version of pancake (crepes)

The ingredients consist mainly of sugar, pepper and onion, which gives the pancake a sweet, slightly spicy and savoury taste, that will keep you asking for more.

Apart from the aforementioned ingredients, other spices and ingredients can also be added; it all depends on your preference

During my varsity years ,there was a ‘‘kitchen debate” among my flat mates on whether or not, onions and peppers were required in Pancakes ;the first group would only use peppers in theirs’, while the other group won’t have pancakes without onions.

At the end it was finally concluded that these two ingredients (when added to taste)

always use onions and peppers in my Nigerian style pancakes and they always come out irresistible; you should try it out. Here’s an easy recipe, you’ll surely love. Enjoy!

How To Make Pancakes


– 190 gr Plain Flour–

2 raw Eggs

– 200ml whole milk OR evaporated milk OR 3tablesponful powdered milk in water

– 2 tablespoonful Butter/margarine (melted) or vegetable oil

– 4 tablespoonful Sugar(more or less)– Chilli pepper or Scotch bonnet(atarodo) (to taste)–

1 tablespoonful Onions (minced)(to taste)

-1/4 teaspoon Salt

– A pinch of Nutmeg(optional)

– 1-2 tablespoonful vegetable oil (for greasing the pan)

* If you’re using evaporated milk, you can dilute with water or use it as it is(very rich)*If using powdered milk, dissolve in 180 to 200ml water. Depending on how thick or thin you want your pancake to turn out.

*To mince the onion, you can pound it OR grate whole onions with the small sides of the grater or blend until smooth in a dry mill/blender

* Baking powder is not necessary in Nigerian pancake but if you want to add it for more fluff, then go ahead and add 1 teapoonful of baking powder.

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