How to Repair Your Vehicle in Cyberpunk

CD Projekt Red’s 2077 has a multitude of sleek vehicles that let players navigate Night City in style. From rugged machines adept at navigating off-road terrain to more speed- and performance-based muscle and sportscars, V has access to various for traveling the desert or paved highways. However, during the multitude of the game’s encounters, V’s chosen car at any given time is vulnerable to damage, whether from stray bullets or collisions.

Gamers may want to know their favorite rides so they can keep using them to travel around Night City. Cyberpunk 2077 does not do a decent job of indicating whether players can repair damaged vehicles, nor does the game provide information on where or how to do so. However, the process for repairing vehicles is simple once fans know how to do it.

How To Repair Vehicles In Cyberpunk

There are no locations, such as garages or mechanics, in Cyberpunk players can take their damaged car to have it repaired. Instead, players will have to let time pass for their car to be fixed. Luckily, fans can fool the game into believing time has passed and speed up the repair process.

To repair a damaged owned vehicle, gamers only need to walk more than 50 meters from their car and call it to them. Doing so tricks the game into believing time has passed and it will repair players’ vehicles. Another option is to fast travel somewhere distant and call the damaged vehicle to gamers’ new location, which will trigger the repair mechanic. Outside of these two methods, there is no other way to repair damaged vehicles in Cyberpunk besides letting time pass organically.

The same rules apply if one of V’s cars is destroyed. Players can let time pass organically, fast travel and call the vehicle, or walk more than 50 meters away and call the car back to them. This will give the destroyed car a new lease on life and return it to pristine working condition.

Of course, the optimal way to play is to ensure vehicles do not get destroyed in the first place or get so banged up that repairing them becomes necessary. Keeping V’s rides in decent condition saves time, though, it becomes a non-issue if players find themselves obtaining every car available for ownership in the game. There are a lot of modes of transportation in Cyberpunk, and gamers can collect them all or only stick with what suits their driving preferences.

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