How To Sell Games Online

If you like playing video games I would advise you to start selling your games. The good thing about selling video games is that there are no qualifications or specific set of skills needed to start making money right away. All you have to do is be able to get the games at a price below retail and then sell it for a profit.

You can create a blog to sell your games easily but unfortunately your you don’t know much on blogging or your blog is not popular.

Social media is really the best way to sells your video games.

But many people makes a lot of mistakes on how to sell.

Here I provided you my top three best social media platforms that you can sell your video games and accessories and make $100 + weekly.

Best Social Media Platforms to Sell Video Games

Even though WhatsApp has more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, the features offered by Telegram like secret chat, self-destructing messages, encrypted backup ensure more secured chats. Apart from security features, Telegram is also ahead of Whatsapp in terms of other features like Channels and larger group capacity.

In terms of groups, the highestnumber of members that can be added on whatsapp is 256 while for telegram the number goes up to 200,000.

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