How to use R-SIM to Unlock Any carrier and Latest ICCID working Codes

Sometimes it is impossible to unlock our iPhone by IMEI (Due to lack of budget, Network restrictions and many other things). In this situation there is an economic alternative, popularly called: R-SIM.

From now onwards i will start to provide Rsim new updated ICCId codes. If you don’t know how to Activate jevey or R-SIM, this tutorial is for you. The purpose behind this is to provide you the latest and verified working ICCID.

What is R-SIM??

It is an ultrathin chip or SIM spoofing tool(interposer) that can be. placed together with the SIM of a carrier-locked iPhone, which allows the iPhone to bypass carrier

restrictions automatically and use with a different carrier. It is a workaround to unlock iPhone or iPad without requesting from the carrier, it allows you to use your iPhone with any GSM network of your choice. It works with all iPhones or iDevice including the iPhone XS, XR, iPhone 8, 7, 6 and XS Max, and supports iOS 11.4.1 as well as iOS 12.


•You should never double the R-sim

•Do not force into the SIM tray

•Do not restore your iDevice.Do not change the chip.

•Do not Factory reset.Do not change the sim or Network operator.

•Do not update from iTunes. ( You can only update directly from your iPhone).

•The chip must be configured with a special code to be able to work, this code can be blocked by Apple at any indefinite time. (Fortunately new codes always come out and you can easily re-configure your chip by following this tutorial again).

•iPhone will not lose signal/network if apple blocks the code.

Types and Brands

are many different types or brands, but don’t be confused the function and Setup are all the same.The most common ones are:








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