How to Use Windows 11 without installing it

Windows 11 is now a reality, which everyone can’t wait to have in their hands to test all its news. Obviously, to install the Windows 11 beta on the PC some basic minimum requirements must be met, without which the test of the new operating system from Microsoft cannot become reality.

What if these requirements are not respected? Will we have to wait for its final release which will take place this fall? The answer is no! In fact, thanks to an interesting online tool, you can try Windows 11. All you need is a PC connected to the Internet.

Preliminary information.

While we are writing this article, Windows 11 is not yet available, but we can confirm that the upgrade from Windows 10 to the new operating system from Microsoft will be free. So, to be able to upgrade, it will be essential to have a 100% genuine and original Windows 10 license. We are aware that buying the original license on the Microsoft site is very expensive, so we recommend Mr Key Shop, a reliable site with advantageous prices on which you can buy a 100% original Windows 10 license and, when it is available, do the upgrade to Windows 11 for free. You can buy the product by choosing from the secure payment methods available, the sending takes place in a few seconds via email, and, for any need, free specialized assistance is available. Read the reviews of this store, they are all positive. The licenses of the various versions of Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Packages, and the best Antivirus on the market are also available on Mr. Key Shop.

How to Use Windows 11 without installing it

Before showing you how you can try Windows 11 without installing it, it is good to make some clarifications:

  • The user experience offered by the project is not comparable to that obtained with an installation or with the use of a virtual machine, as it is limited to the use of basic functions
  • Currently, it is not possible to install programs and some features are not yet fully available. However, the team is working to add as many features as possible and make the user experience more complete and close to reality

Having made these promises, all that remains is to understand how you can test the latest operating system from Microsoft without performing any installation procedure.

All you have to do is to go to the site  to testing Windows 11 from internet your browser.

Immediately after loading the page, you will notice the Windows 11 interface is loaded, with some icons on the desktop and the new taskbar. In particular, you can:

  • View the new Microsoft Store interface
  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Display the new Start Menu interface
  • Search for a file or application using the new dedicated system
  • View the latest news and the weather using the new dedicated feature

As mentioned previously, new features will certainly be implemented in the future to allow users to test further aspects of Windows 11 in greater depth. At the moment, however, there is still an excellent opportunity to get hold of the new operating system without resorting to cumbersome installations.

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