Simple tricks on how to protect or lock your app on ipad and iphone

In this guide, we will be looking at how to lock apps on your iPhone and iPad using a new feature that was introduced in iOS 12 referred to as screen time. We will also teach you how to unlock password-protected apps on your iOS device.

Before now, the closest means to avoid third-party users from being able to access other apps on your iPhone or iPad, is using guided access.

While that feature is still active on iOS, it doesn’t exactly password-protect apps on iOS.

How To Password-Protect Apps On iPhone and iPad

Being able to set a password to protect apps on iPhone and iPad is quite easy. For this, we’d have to make use of the screen time feature in iOS 12 and above.

Step 1. Enable Screen Time

.Go to Settings

.Tap on Screen Time

.Select Turn on Screen time. Follow the onscreen instructions to fully activate screen time.

That’s it. You’ve enabled Screen time on your iOS device.

step 2.set

Enter a four-digit code. Please be sure to use a password you can easily remember. This will serve as your password to access screen time settings as well as unlock apps.

Step 3. Password-Protect Apps

.Select App Limits

.Enter the password you already created in step 2 above

.Tap on Add Limit

.Choose the category All Apps & Categories if you want to password-protect all apps on your iOS device

.Tap On Next

.Set the time limit to one minute

Finally, make sure you have Block at End of Limit toggled ON

.When done, tap On Add.

You’ve successfully set one minute time for all apps on your iOS device.

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