Simple ways to create Google Forms

Want to create a registration form or questionnaire with google form? How to make it quite easy, we just need to login to google form and make what we want.

We can also design our google forms and then save them in a spreadsheet or excel. How to make a google form we can do on a computer or on our android phone.

But before we learn how to make a google form. We should first know what is a google form and what are its uses?.

Google forms is a service from Google to create online forms for free. Its uses also vary, ranging from making personal data forms, registration forms, making surveys, making questionnaires, and so on. By using google forms we no longer need to create forms manually and print them using paper.

This is certainly very beneficial in terms of time, efficiency, and also the environment. Here are the steps to make it along with pictures for you to understand more easily.

How to Make Google Forms

We will more quickly create the form we want on google using a laptop.

How to make a questionnaire on google form:

1.Open our web browser. After that visit make sure we are logged in using our google account.

2•Select the template to be used, here we will use a blank template. Because we can freely fill and design our form.

3•Next, fill in the title and brief description of the form.

4•Create some questions that we need for the form.

5•Then specify the response options for the questions we make, such as short answers, multiple-choice, and many more.

6•Click the Add (+) icon to add a new question in the form.

7•If you have finished it. To distribute the form click the send option or send/tell who is in the upper right.

8•Then select the delivery option either via email, share the link, or share it to Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

9•Then click send.

10•To see the response to the form that we shared earlier. Click the response option.

11•Then all the responses from the form that we created will appear.

12•In addition, we can also save it to a spreadsheet by pressing the spreadsheet icon.

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