New 8 Released Game Of The Year 2022

Hello guys we are here to discuss the new 8 Released Game of the year 2022,some of you would be like have played all the games what else will I play and that’s the reason we are here.the new games don’t need data before you play it,all you have to do is make some spare for the game and Download them very simple.

You will see some other game which created this year 2022 but there graphics doesn’t make any sense,so that’s why we are here to tell you the best 10 games of the year. probably there are thousands and hundreds of games which was also created this same here and we have played them all,so we picked few of the best amongs them.


Dream league soccer 2022 is the best graphics football game which you would love to play,the game was developed by first touch group of companies.The best part of this game is that it has the new updates of players and stadiums.


Basketball which is also known as NBA is among the best game of the year for it’s graphics and background as well.The basket ball is updated with new features,skills, basketball court, snickers and Jessy as well.


Undawn is a zombie shooting game and also a free open-world survival game by Lightspeed and Quantum Studios. You can team up with your friends on multiple mood, you can also craft your weapons, construct your shelter, and embark on daring adventures to bring about a new world.


Call Of Duty Mobile is also among the best game of the year cause of the good background and graphics,the game is also known as Call of Duty: Legend of War.the game is a free and easy to play too, in the game the first-person to shoot and defeat opponents becames the winner,and you need survive as long as possible. The game has a lot of levels and modes.


 Resident Evil is a very popular action game with also the best graphics. The game was developed by a very popular game developing company of Japan CAPCOM. The Resident Evil game is firstly announced as the best game of 2022.Also which is named as バイオハザード on Play store, while some people call it by the name Biohazard.


Asphalt nutra is a interesting racing game with the best graphics,also in the categories of car racing games. In this racing game players or drivers can enjoy different styles or skills of controls, such as tilting, steering the wheel and drifting.

FOOTBALL Manager 2022:

Football Manager 2022 is the best management career games,This game is one of the most rated game in global sport. Especially for soccer because this is the time where you buy,coach and teach your club ways to win in a new season.


Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world action and also anadventure game, the game takes place in the night,Cyberpunk 2077 is best cause it has an ultimate graphics and background,this is a city full with zombies and other animals. As an adventure and action game, you can play as the zombie or the shooter,You will master the secret or cheats to everlasting life as long as you can. To discover all-encompassing cities, you can customize the player’s prosthetics, abilities, and gameplay. Often the decisions you make will have an effect on the storyline and the world around you.


•The rise of the Tomb Raider

•WWE 2K..

•Batman: Arkham Knight

•Grand Theft Auto IV

•Gears of War

•Monster Hunter World

•Rise of the Tomb Raider


•God of war

•Throne of wars

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