Connor Price – SPLAT

Connor Price – SPLAT
Connor Price – SPLAT

Connor Price – SPLAT Mp3 audio & Mp4 Video Free Download

A talented singer and song writer Connor Price Recently dropped a new song titled SPLAT you will also get the Mp4 and lyrics here

As we all know that we can meditate through music and music also gives us joy thats why Connor Price come through with this amazing song which is called SPLAT so that you can be happy again.


Artists: Connor Price


Released: 2022

Genre: Chamber Pop,Alternative Pop,Pop-Rock,Alternative Rock,Pop,Art Pop

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Connor Price – SPLAT lyrics

Turn that up, Brigi!

I said forever on the very first day
I fell for you and landed right on my face (Yeah, woo)
Boom, splat
Stab me in the back, I’m bruised, bashed
Threw me to the curb like loose trash
Left me in the past like “Who’s that?” (“Who’s that?” Damn)

[Verse 1]
Wish you would’ve told me that you felt this way
You’ve been swingin’ me along with every word you say
You hangin’ me out to dry, happen a thousand times
I guess I shoulda seen it comin’ any day now, though (Mm)
I thought we had it, love and the magic
You had the gasoline and the matches (Uh)
Lit me on fire, spark up the passion (Ooh)
But I guеss it really just wasn’t what I imagined
Woah, guess I gotta livе with that, huh?
Chest got a hold that could fit a mattress
Splat on the ground, I ain’t gettin’ back up
But I shoulda known better, ’cause I (Yeah)

I said forever on the very first day
I fell for you and landed right on my face (Yeah, ayy)
Boom, splat (Woo)
Right out of the blue like news flash
Thought I had control, but you crashed
Left me in the past like “Who’s that?” (“No, seriously, who is that?”)

[Verse 2]
Splat, hit the ground, but I’ll bounce right back
Trust me, I ain’t goin’ down like that (Uh)
Custom shirts, I had to dust the dirt off
Adjust it myself, put the crown right back
Ding, okay, I’m shinin’ now
Had to get lost wit’ you to find myself
And I find it kinda funny how the moment that I’m over this is
“Can I come over quick?” No (“Hey, can I come over quick?”)
You had your chance but you blew it
You had me in the palm of your hand and threw it away
Now you say that you think we can do this again
Second chance, okay, do I look stupid?
I don’t need you here in my life
Please do not text me, I made up my mind
I do not want you here wastin’ my time
And next time around, I’ll be takin’ my time, ’cause I, yeah

I said forever on the very first day
I fell for you and landed right on my— (Ayy)
Mm, splat (Woo)

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