Ways In Which You Can Download And Play GTA San Andreas On Android

Hello guys we are here to tell you guys about the gta san andreas,gta san andreas is an Highly Compressed action game but the best thing in this gta san andreas is that it came with a lite Version with cheat mod apk for your android mobile.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for Android:

GTA San Andreas like the previous GTA games in the series is a single-player (CJ) based third-person open-world game with many improved.

New features added to make the game which makes it more enjoyable and not to mention completely story-based like the rest of the masterpieces by Rockstar.

The game offers players to explore a huge open-world environment bare-foot or using hundreds of vehicles from cars, trucks, bikes, bicycles, airplanes, helis, hovercraft’s, jets, tanks, and whatnot.

Rockstar has even added more player abilities like climbing the walls and swimming underwater (something that other games lacked) which makes it even more exciting to play but we will discuss all the amazing features down in detail.

GTA San Andreas Android Features

Rockstar has improved and added tons of great features in the GTA San Andreas APK that all GTA lovers have been waiting for, here is a small list of the great new features and vehicles introduced in the game.

•Many mini games are also available in the game to play, Players can play basketball, pool and many classic arcade games like the good old days.

•Many Casino games, where player can gamble to earn fast cash.

•Bicycles are added in the game that provides us with a whole new vehicle controls system.

•A whole new range of vehicle system with harvesting vehicles, ATVs, jets and tow trucks.

•New player skills and abilities have also been added in the game which enables CJ to swim underwater (something we all have been waiting for) and also the ability to climb walls and jump over fences.

•New weapons and weapon shooting system has also been added in GTA San Andreas APK.

•Tons of new weapons have also been introduced.

•Health system has been improved unlike the previous GTA games.

•Car Customization Garages, where players can customize their rides with tons of customization options to choose from.

•Cloth shops, where player can buy himself new clothes and other accessories.

•Barber shops, where player can change his hairstyle,

•Gym also been added, where player can work out to gain muscles.

•In Game AI has also been improved a lot, now the NPCs are way smarter and act according to the situation they are in, You can even conversate with them.

GTA San Andreas Apk Obb Lite:

GTA San Andreas Details & Requirements

Full name:GTA San Andreas
Game Size:1.59GB
Game mode:Offline
Developers:Rockstar games
Requirements:1GB RAM
Android Version:4.5+

How To Set GTA San Andreas apk game :

•Download Apk file and the link above.

•Download all required Obb file Part 1-4.

•Use Zarchiver application to Uncompressed the files.

•Select the folder for decompressing to Internal Storage/Android/Obb.

•Check: Make sure all part are in Android/obb.

That’s all for the gta san andreas now enjoy your game and if you have any questions don’t forget to use the comments section below.

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