Kaptain – Non Stop ft. Teni

Kaptain – Non Stop ft. Teni Mp3 audio & Mp4 Music Video Free Download

A talented singer and song writer Kaptain Recently dropped a new song titled Non Stop ft. Teni you will also get the Mp4 and lyrics here

As we all know that we can meditate through music and music also gives us joy thats why Kaptain come through with this amazing song which is called Non Stop ft. Teni so that you can be happy again.

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Kaptain – Non Stop ft. Teni YouTube Video Mp4 Download

Kaptain – Non Stop ft. Teni Lyrics Below

Lyrics for this song have yet to be released. Please check back once the song has been released.

But Don’t Miss Jeriq – BILLION DOLLAR DREAM Lyrics:

I remember when i was praying for a million naira
Ego nsego na loud akaligo a million naira
Adim belle full but I’m still keeping my hunger
My believe bu na adim broke till i touch a billion dollar
Etom na Nkpor ebe ana elesi Onye akpor
Ife n’eme ebutegom ike mmadu ano
Before mna esend bu kita muwa esendilo, why?
Do good or do bad umu uwa ka ga ako
All man bia school but ife ga ekwu bu result
Where were you when 1kpa no Dey to bail me n’azu hilux
I bailed myself, I motivated myself
No single person dey to help me so I helped myself
I am that I am
I don’t know about you
But wetin i know be say na only you fit help you
But if you try to cross my lane do me I do you
Mgbe mna alu military samba told me to facebook
The pain i felt bu my reason
Dirty myself for zero 6
Now the bag atugo down
I’m clean like a white handkerchief
Oluwa ejim gi apology
Nwa gi e taste go codeine
Oluwa Dey cover me
Upon say adim used to sin
Look at me well iga afu ime ogbe na my character
Abum a rapper as a catholic abum a mass-server
Adim too wuu and calculated like a maths teacher
Till mbute ike-till i hammer like a carpenter
Muwa ama gba last mga agba first ka book of genesis
Mama jum mgbe obuna Ina agba ogwu ibu Onye pharmacist
Mama all I care about is you and isi benjamin
One thing di very certain odi certain say we go win
Pushing ka a woman in labor
Ka nwaanyi di’ime pushing ka onye barrow cos i believe n’echi d’ime
Ezigbo mgbu k’obu n’ogbe if I no bute ike
Ego bu joy ifutugo ebe bill gate na ewe iwe
Idi sober is not allowed biko jee kechite ife
Ima gbanwu egbe na coal-tar ima na obulo ile
Adilo e load bus n’aga afia nkwo ubosi eke
Owelo teacher ga sinwu dangote dee edemede
Isi na ibu nwa Ogbe ogbodo ifo go igwe
Ima mfunwu aboki ebe ona eme sallah na Nke igwe
Eze puo eze anochie eze adi ebulo oche
As nwa otu bi na nkpor ife mna Apia gi bu ole

Adim broke till i touch a billion dollar
Billion dollar dream abum a paper chaser
Say no to dirty ka pito pito di n’upper iweka
Echegbuzina onwe gi tomorrow go better

Broke till i touch a billion dollar
Billion dollar dream abum a paper chaser
Say no to dirty ka pito pito di n’upper iweka
Echegbuzina onwe gi tomorrow go better

Way bia wote phone gi ebea
Way bia wote phone gi ebea
Way bia wote phone gi ebe
Obosi na Nkpor na si gi bia
Way wote phone gi ebea

Jayswaarg n’emelum alu
Ona emelum alu
Beat Jayswaarg n’emelum alu
No cap ona emelum alu

Ogbe Ogbe bia k’anyi luo

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